.MOBI top level rejection notice

After some days studying the proposal to ICANN for a ".mobi" top level domain, I decided that the idea was not only ill thought out, but (like Tim Berners Lee) could actually harm the progress starting to be made on the Mobile Internet.

I therefore filed my objections to ICANN here:

It turns out I’m in good company – almost everybody who has commented seems to realise the problems with this crazy idea.

However, given past experience with ICANN, plus the propensity for large organizations like the sponsors of .MOBI to not really have a big enough view of what is going on to really understand what they are backing, I expect that in a year or so the .MOBI idea will be approved and we will see some PR effors and stuff in 2005 to try and get it going.

I doubt it will really get anywhere – but who knows! 🙂


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