Motionbridge bought by Google – or was in Yahoo!

Heard a rumour today from a credible source that Motionbridge ( may be getting bought by Google for about £10million. No announcement from Google or Motionbridge so perhaps work still in progress. Siemens Mobile Accelerator Fund ( the biggest investor) is trying to sell on its investments at the moment so that makes disposal at an early stage somewhat sensible.

Motionbridge provides mobile focussed search for several mobile operator portals (O2 UK and Orange FR for example) and has some quite neat technology. They run the "paid for keywords" system used by O2’s search advertisers.

Google or another search company like Yahoo or MSN might like to buy Motionbridge to get a short-cut to operator portal presence, and to provide the "metatag" type search that works beter than crawling for mobile sites.

Access to Sprint
might also make sense.


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