Trends seen in 2006

2005 has seen a migration from content through SMS to WAP portals (just like 1995 saw an evolution from email services to web services)

Mainstream brands have entered to market directly, rather than solely through operator portals. Examples include SKY TV, THE SUN, Bands like OASIS, WESTLIFE, EMINEM Music Labels like EMI (The Raft)

Moble Network Operators (Carriers) are moving to support the D2C content channel. They see D2C on the mobile internet as the technical solution to SMS billing headaches, providing better consumer transparency and a better audit trail.

Bango’s slashing of the costs of going "off-portal" provides lower costs of entry, meaning more content players can get into the market. We are seeing independent music labels getting into mobile, smaller content providers etc.

In the US, the content market is gradually opening-up giving consumers greater choice and driving better quality through competition. While Carriers like Verizon are still opposed to giving their customers choice of content supplier, the leading network – Cingular – is on a clear path to supporting its users in getting what they want.

In the PC-centricUSA, linking mobile services off web sites is a key traffic generating tool. Sun Microsystems uses its web site to promote the benefits of the Java user environment and allows the user to experience Java content by literally ordering the download off the web page.


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